David Icke: Blatant facts about the war in Syria

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Article 9th November 2013, JP

Blatant facts about the war in Syria: Certain patterns in the geopolitical spectrum seem to repeat themselves again and again during time. Are we here witnessing mere coincidental circumstances or are we in fact dealing with preplanned 'problem - reaction-solution' scenarios, orchestrated from behind the scene of the political administration? The facts of the last decade begin to rumble and tumble in the collective subconscious of a interconnected globalised world of 'people', who recently has begun to show more and more distrust in the information running through the mainstream media, and are searching for other explanations, as we see a collosal substream of alternative sources of information reaching the surface through the internet and in local communities.

In this video talk David Icke, who is att he frontier of the alternative media - rounds up the blatant mechanisms of geopolitical military operation effectuated by the US-administration since the tragedy on 11th of September 2001, and show us the background logic in wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, which lead to the infrastructural mass destruction and covert invasion of the entire Middle East with the 'Arabian spring' and now latest: the war on Syria.